Evil look

In nature there are myriads of species with very diverse looks. Some animals look “cute”, like seals, bears and hamsters. Other animals are born with less friendly looks, like sharks, seagulls and hyenas. All these animals need to eat and all of them will hunt other animals. Seals may look cute but they feed on fish and penguins. Bears might remind people of the cute teddy bears they had during their childhood but their diet is almost as varied as ours, including squirrels and deer. Hamsters will eat their offspring for various reasons (such as to eliminate competition for food and to obtain nutrients to feed the stronger babies). Humans will eat pretty much all of these (depending on the gastronomical culture).

If anything, it can be said that seagulls have intelligent eyes, which we might perceive as threatening.

Animals like sharks, hyenas and seagulls are widely misunderstood due to their looks, but are not special in nature. The idea that some animals are “good” and others are “bad” is one that many people grew up with from Disney movies - but it is wrong.