About us

We lived in St Andrews, Fife, Scotland for 2 years.

We have always been amazed by the amount of wildlife we could find in town and always enjoyed stopping and watching the birds. St Andrews has a very diverse bird community, from herons to robins; from falcons to oyster catchers; from cormorants to wrens; and gulls. We always saw gulls as a normal part of a coastal town’s fauna and always liked to watch them as well as all the other birds. We have lived alongside seagulls and have helped a good number of them along the 2 years we lived in St Andrews and have never had any problems with them.

Unfortunately the local council doesn’t see the presence of seagulls in the same way as we do and undergoes a constant campaign against seagulls, leading local people to develop a deep hate against these animals. It’s becoming more common every day to hear horror stories of people who were “held hostages” by seagulls and that have been attacked for no reason other than “the viciousness of these animals”.

It is very unfortunate that tax payers’ money and plastic is being wasted for creating posters for a hate campaign against animals instead of trying to educate people about them, which would lead to a much better way to deal with any minor problems that may arise from the interaction of seagulls with humans.

The purpose of this website is to do what the council seems to be unable to do, by debunking the myth that seagulls are evil and to educate people about them.

Here you can find various texts explaining why seagulls behave the way they do, what people can do to live harmoniously with them and accept them like they do other birds. The aim of this website is not to make a campaign against other parties but rather to educate people so that everyone (including the seagulls) can live happily together.